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For Administrative Professionals

Become a Virtual Assistant

eBook $47

The Virtual Assistant Blueprint was designed with YOU in mind: The person that's ready to make the leap into the world of freelance administrative support. In this guide, you'll gain the fundamentals of establishing a successful virtual assistant business from scratch. From defining your niche and selecting the right services to crafting a  business plan and building a strong online presence, this guide provides a holistic blueprint. If that isn't enough, there are templates and marketing scripts included that empowers you to confidently take the leap into entrepreneurship!

Grow to an Agency

eBook $47

The Agency Blueprint, propels you beyond the initial stages of your virtual assistant business, transforming your one-person operation into a flourishing agency. Discover the intricacies of scaling your business, establishing a team, and effectively managing client relationships. This guide uncovers the secrets to developing a streamlined workflow, implementing efficient systems and processes, and maximizing productivity. Unlock the potential of your agency by leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic marketing techniques that will set you apart from the competition. Of course, there are templates included for you!

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One Hour Session $250

In this one-hour session, we'll explore the multifaceted world of administrative services. Whether you're seeking guidance on launching your own business as an administrative professional or dreaming of growing a thriving virtual assistant agency, this consultation is designed to provide you with actionable advice and strategies.


Possible Discussion Topics:

  1. Entrepreneurial Journey: Explore the steps to start your own business as an administrative professional. 

  2. Virtual Assistant Agency Growth: We'll dive into the details of expanding your administrative services into a full-fledged virtual assistant agency. 

  3. Service Portfolio Enhancement: Discover how to diversify your administrative skill set to offer a broader range of services, making you a valuable asset in the competitive market.

  4. Effective Marketing and Branding: Gain insights into creating a strong personal or agency brand, effective marketing techniques, and positioning yourself as a sought-after administrative professional.

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