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A Little About Me

Straight out of college, I began my career as an Administrative Assistant. I fell in love with being the "go to" in our office and supporting multiple executives at once. I was privileged to climb the ladder and support some of the top executives at major, global corporations for over a decade. What a ride! 


I have a passion for travel and coming into the office everyday was no longer interesting to me. So in 2016, I launched my virtual assistant business and I booked 2 clients in 2 days. I was able to quit my full-time job and replace my corporate income within a month. The most interesting part of my startup journey is the fact that one of my clients was in the cannabis industry. I was new to entrepreneurship and new to the cannabis industry all at once.

Go figure! 

After running a successful virtual assistant agency for over 6 years, I've turned my talents over to another entrepreneurial endeavor. I have now taken my  fine tuned skill of pairing great VAs with clients to the world of Recruiting! I now serve as a Recruiting Partner of Goodwin Recruiting. 

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I'm TaJanna Mallory, an cannabis industry professional specializing in staffing and recruiting.