Here's What I'm Up To

If you know anything about me then you know that I always have my hand in something. Here are some things that I'm working on and some cool organizations that I'm working with. 

Don't worry! I have more time and a team so if you're interested in working with me, let's do it ;)

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Current Projects

DEI Board Co-Chair

WISE TB_edited.png

Here's where I combine my work with my love for sports. I get to collab with some amazing women in the city to bring networking and training to advance their sports careers. We have a lot of fun, too!

Florida State Director


I'm honored to serve my community by fighting to increase access and education to cannabis patients, consumers and entrepreneurs. If you're looking for resources or a way to donate to the cause, contat me for more information on M4MM.

Podcast Host

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Coming this fall!

One of my favorite topics to discuss with aspiring cannabis industry professionals are the different ways you can work in cannabis. Whether you're interested in entrepreneurship or employment, we'll explore the different types of Weed Work together.